9 Pinterest Image Fails – What images not to pin on Pinterest

9 Pinterest Image Fails - What images not to pin on Pinterest


Which Pinterest Images Don’t Work?

It is often difficult to know which types of images work best on Pinterest. so I am giving you examples of 9 different pinterest image fails, which I see a lot on Pinterest business pages, and which will not give you as many re-pins as you are hoping for.  Some of them are fairly obvious, images which are very dark, for example, are difficult to see, and therefore will not get many re-pins.

Curalate conducted a study, comparing different images, to see which got more engagement and re-pins. They studied such features as faces, texture, saturation, hue, lightness and brightness. These were then compared with the social engagement on Pinterest in the form of likes, comments, and re-pins, to determine which features gained more engagement.

It is very important in terms of your Pinterest marketing, to produce images which will garner you more engagement, and ultimately more traffic to your website.

Next week, I will give you examples of which types of images work very well on Pinterest, and will get you more engagement.

So, watch the slideshow, and if you have any questions or comments, just add below.



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