Author: Jenny Frances

I am Jenny Frances, Social Media Marketer, and PInterest Expert.

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing is pretty much like other forms of marketing - except it’s done through Facebook’s messaging app. You can connect with your customers or clients and send the same sort of content and information as you would via an email marketing campaign.

IGTV: Welcome To Instagram’s Youtube-Like Video Channel

IGTV: Welcome to Instagram’s TV Channel Instagram has officially announced its intention of becoming a video platform that lies somewhere between Snapchat and Youtube. The video app and hub will be known as IGTV (Instagram TV) and will support long-form vertical videos. The video platform will come in two forms: a standalone app in stores […]

6 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers List Using Social Media

6 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers List Using Social Media Unless your visitors are utterly enchanted with your content, it usually proves to be quite hard to keep a steady influx of email subscribers list. Asking those that land on your site to subscribe as soon as they’re there also makes almost no […]

Facebook – The New Snapchat?

Facebook – The New Snapchat? Did social media giant, Facebook copy Snapchat? As it seems Facebook is becoming a little envious? Over the past four years, it appears that Mark Zuckerberg’s main business tactic has been to copy the best ideas from all of his competitors. The most successful of these being Instagram stories which launched in August […]

Google Optimize: Available Globally Today

    Google Optimize: Available Globally Today   Since we’re all familiar and comfortable with Google’s immaculate quality standard, we’re always anxious to try out its next product. This time, that product just so happens to be THE product for every website owner out there! No matter who you are and what you do, if […]

Social Media Trends of 2017

Social Media Trends and Predictions for 2017 Looking back at 2016, I am sure that 2017 will be very eventful for social media marketers. Here are my top predictions and social media trends that businesses should keep an eye on in 2017: Live Video & Video content to take a key position in marketing strategies […]

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