7 Ways To Get The Most Benefits Of Social Media For e-Commerce

If you own an e-Commerce business, then you most definitely have one or more social media channels that you use to connect with your customers or drive traffic to your website. Continue reading below to discover our top 7 tips on using social media for e-Commerce success.

7 Ways To Get The Most Benefits Of Social Media For e-Commerce

7 Ways On How To Use Social Media For e-Commerce

Customer Research And Relationship Building

In a world where people are constantly being overwhelmed with advertisements and sales pitches, building a warm relationship with your clients is one good way to increase sales and earn customers’ loyalty.

Channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to engage with customers in conversations, offer technical support or even give inspiration and tips for their daily life struggles.

Moreover, the analytics tools of these media are filled with information that can help you better understand who your customers are and what they like. These insights can be used to present your products in social media and on your website in a more appealing way.

Reviews And Customer Feedback

A lot of people nowadays feel comfortable sharing their opinions about the products they purchase on social media. Make sure that you have allowed these options on the social channels you own. Success stories, reviews and feedback are ideal for sales pitches and visuals.

It’s great if you have the time to acknowledge your customers’ feedback with replying to their reviews or comments and even include them later on the product pages on your e-Commerce website.

Use User Generated Content

An even more valuable form of customer feedback are the user generated photos and videos. These can be used not only to differentiate your brands content on social media, but also to increase the trust and decrease the concerns of prospective buyers.

Use The Right Hashtags

If you would like to increase your products’ visibility online, don’t hesitate to use popular hashtags related to it or complimentary products. The use of hashtags increases the chance of people who do not currently follow you to see your posts and convert into followers or clients.

The usage of hashtags in social media helps you increase your brand and products’ visibility

A great tool to identify related and trendy hashtags is hashtagify.me

Social Games

A proven way to increase the visibility of your brand or products on social media are social games. If you would like to reach to new people and advertise your products or e-Commerce website at the same time, you can try running a giveaway with product prizes.

Lead Generation

In our article last week, we talked about Email marketing and how it is one of the best converting online marketing channels to increase sales. And gaining subscribers from social media is actually easier than you think.

You can do it both with paid ads, organic posts or even by modifying your profile buttons to lead people to the email subscription page on your website.


Last but not least, social media retargeting ads are a perfect fit for all e-Commerce businesses. Almost all social networks offer this targeting feature nowadays.

Use social media retargeting ads for your e-Commerce website

Use retargeting ads to advertise to people who already showed interest in your products and you will see a noticeable increase in conversions.

So how do you use social media for e-Commerce? Feel free to share your insights with us in the comment section below.

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