grow your email list using social media6 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers List Using Social Media

Unless your visitors are utterly enchanted with your content, it usually proves to be quite hard to keep a steady influx of email subscribers list. Asking those that land on your site to subscribe as soon as they’re there also makes almost no impact, it’s just too aggressive. So, what do you really require in order to get going?

You need to nearly invisibly integrate your email subscription request into the one thing that the majority of internet users spend most of their time on – social networks. The procedure itself may sound arduous and complicated, but most of the actual strategies are in fact quite simple and easy to execute.

Place social network buttons in your emails

At first, this may seem like a regressive strategy, and yet it’s the best thing you can do to boost your email list. So let’s say your email contains Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons that will take those who click them to your social page.

The ones that already are your subscribers are probably delighted with your posts, and they won’t be too shy to share them. This doesn’t only increase the traffic you get, it also means that the like-minded friends of your subscribers who trust their taste will click the link that they shared and probably subscribe as well.

Those friends will share with their friends, and if you’re lucky enough, you can enter the unstoppable loop of success.


Gate your best content

The ‘gate’ in this case represents the barrier between your new readers and the finest posts your site has to offer. If they’re already hooked on whatever you’re addressing, or even just curious, they’ll be on your email list in no time.

The content you ‘gated’ will be overlaid with a message saying that the visitors have to subscribe using their email address before they can proceed with reading. Everyone that enjoys your top content will feel rewarded for providing their email once the new post notifications start rushing in.

Offer rewards for subscribing

Another way to grow your email subscribers list is to create premium content that encompasses the ideas that your site or blog elaborates on, or guide your readers through a specific subject, then advertise it as a free subscription reward. It will do the trick, as long as the eBook can’t otherwise be accessed.

You can take this strategy a step further and upload new premium content every month, which will automatically get sent to your current subscribers. Not only will they be eager to expect another one, they will be hooked on one of the best ways of obtaining traffic.

Add a call-to-action (CTA) to every social network profile

This method doesn’t take much more than an introductory 3-liner and a quick link to your site/blog, but it does wonders to your traffic. If your call to action also has proper SEO, meaning that it contains the keywords that best describe your content, you will be much easier to find by those looking for you or seeking anything you can provide.

You take this strategy to a whole new level and create landing pages for each of the links separately, which will address in detail whatever it is you emphasised on in your short description.

Add sign-up links to your social network profiles

Interweave the constant content link sharing on social networks with short and quick reminders for all followers and fans that they can get notified by email if they click the link. Being up to date with your content is relatively easy, depending on how much you actually share on social networks and how clever you are at doing it, but email notifications are still way more official.

With proper wording in the same style as your content, even the most persistent non-subscribers will eventually change their mind you will achieve your goal to grow your email subscribers list. Make sure that you point out just how conveniently they will be able to keep up with your posts if only they click that subscribe link.

Create YouTube tutorials and advertise in your videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and the first is owned by the same company. Google loves a good SEO plan, and that means more visitors and more subscribers. Pick any matter you address on your blog, make the title how to + something your target audience would search to locate the video.

After you connect your website to your YouTube account, you can add another subscription option to your channel, which will offer the sign-up button right at the end of the educational video.

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