How To Create The Best Instagram Bio For Your Business


Instagram is one of the best platforms to market ones business. Unfortunately, the user bio-the part where you are supposed to describe your business in detail- is usually limited to 150 characters. This is a big challenge for new businesses that need more space to explain themselves to their followers.

So, the question is, how are you going to use this limited space to grab the attention of your audience? Well, the tips below will help you be able to say much about your business in just a few words.

How to draft an attractive and informative Instagram bio

Profile photo

One of the most important components of your profile page is the profile photo. As a company, you need it to be relevant to your brand, perhaps your logo. You can as well use one of your main product as the profile photo.  Whatever your choice is, make sure that your profile photo has these features:

  • It must be a high-quality image.
  • Must represent your company.

Name and username

Your name and username provide valuable information that Instagramers can use to identify you. It will also be used for the tagging purposes by other users. Instagram ensures that your name and username appear at the top of your profile page for easy identification, and they are usually in bold.

Note that your username and name are searchable via Instagram’s search bar to make sure they are an accurate representation of your business.

Bio info

With just 150 characters, you have to sum up your brand or company here. This is the section that is supposed to make the customer take action. Therefore, think critically about what your brand is all about and use the information to build a very informative and attractive bio.


This is the only portion of Instagram that is designed for users to enter their URL. If you can’t make the best use of this feature, your Instagram campaigns will be rendered useless at best. Use the website section wisely and give your prospective customer a direct link to your website. This is the main objective of setting up an Instagram account, to begin with.

Call to Action

Calling people to action is one of the best ways of increasing sales. Previously, you could only add your location and email address to enable customers to reach you. Currently, a business account comes with CTA buttons that you can use to provide your followers with more info about your brand. The buttons are only available in a business account and in the app, not the web version.


If you have a business account, you can use this option to tie your Instagram page with your Facebook page. It provides you with the best opportunity to indicate what your brand is all about. Is it a restaurant? A fashion company? This is the section where you specify that.

Profile designs

You can employ your creativity to make the bio section really stand out. You can add some emojis or line breaks, all depending on what you want to achieve. However, be aware that you need to be moderate when designing your profile. The mobile and web versions of your profile may appear differently. So, with too many emojis and line breaks, it may not appear well on either of those sites.

The bio info is also used to identify branded hashtags, direct people to the websites after signing up, and a host of other ways. Since no two businesses are identical, you can find out what works well for you and stick to it.  



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