How to use Instagram hashtags effectively

Instagram’s hashtag feature plays a vital role in marketing. Through the use of various magic tags, you can reach a wider audience. This means, Instagram users who are not your followers will now know about your existence and perhaps follow you.

Unfortunately, if you overuse or improperly use IG hashtags, you could be slapped with a shadowban as your content will be spammy. But that’s not all, underusing hashtags or using those that other people in your niche are not using could also mean you are the alone ranger and thus not visible to other Instagram members.

How to find good Instagram hashtags

There are two main ways to find IG hashtags:

1. Check what your competitors are using.

See what others in your niche are using and compile a long list of potential hashtags for different post types. By analyzing other profiles, you can also see which hashtags have the highest engagement (likes, shares, comments).

For instance, if you deal with love and relationship, some of the hashtags that trend a lot include #love, #amazing, #photooftheday, #smile, #instacool, #followme and many more.

2. Research.

Type a general term from your niche into the search bar. Instagram will show you a number of related hashtags with the number of posts for each. This will help you pick hashtags that are popular, but not too broad. You want to stay under 500,000. Otherwise, your posts can easily get lost in the mass.

Make a list and save it in the notes app on your phone. That way you won’t have to type it out every time and can just copy and paste as well. For each post, try to use the full 30 hashtags that Instagram allows to spread your net as wide as possible.

However, do NOT put your hashtags in the caption. Put them in the comments instead. They will be just as effective, and your posts won’t look spammy. Remember, hashtags are not for people to see, but for people to find you.

Also, the caption area should look nice and clean. Inviting, not crowded with spammy looking hashtags.

Just so you don’t forget, here is a recap of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Instagram hashtags:


  • Use tags with millions of results as your posts will go unnoticed.
  • Use hashtags that are unrelated to your field. You are bound to attract folks who are not into your brand.


  • Use hashtags with a different number of search results.
  • Use the hashtags that reflect your follower’s interests, lifestyle or location.

Last but not the least, as you learn how to use Instagram hashtags effectively, remember not to put them in your images. They are only to be typed in the comment section. Anything in the image will not be spotted by Instagram bots.


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