Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has been getting bigger and better each year. Previously, this social site was merely a place to share some of our best photo shoots and show off whatever new fashion others haven’t seen yet. But Alas! Now Instagram has grown into a marketing hub with millions of dollars spent in advertising fees.

Unfortunately, not everyone is having unprecedented success on this platform despite a mammoth of guides existing online. If you own a company, a website or an e-store and wish to reach a wider audience, you need to stretch your marketing efforts to Instagram. This article will show you how you can use this platform to boost sales.

3 ways to promote on Instagram and drive sales

1. Set up a business account

First and foremost, set up a business account-not your personal account. Where possible, do not appear anywhere in your postings. The next thing you should do is to add a link right after your name so prospectives can head over to your website or e-store and check out your goods or services.


The profile picture for your business account should always be consistent with what you offer, and it should be of good quality. Don’t ever change the name-unless when rebranding.

2. Create engaging posts

Images speak louder than words, and our brains prefer them to dry texts. This is one of the reasons why Instagram has grown so fast. So when you post your images, make sure their quality can inspire people to act (by either buying something or following your account). Remember visuals already speak more for your brand, so there is no point of hard selling.


3. Offer promotions to your followers

Pump your feeds with special offers, discounts, bonuses or even promise to post a picture of your follower on your website while wearing or using your product. Dropping incentives every once in a while will not only keep your followers around, but they will continue to buy and recommend your business to their friends. The discount or offers must be clearly visible from your photos.


These are some of the main ways you can promote on Instagram to boost your sales volume. Make sure to work on expanding your following as this is the surefire way of getting a worthwhile bottom line.



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