Instagram Hashtags – How do they work?


Instagram Hashtags and how to use them


When you post an image and related hashtags to Instagram, those hashtags are then catalogued. So if someone then wants to search for the hashtags #yogafun or #yogapose, then your post will be added to this category.


Instagram hashtags How and why to use them


They will see your post in the feed, despite not following your account.

Also, they can then share this image to their followers on Instagram, and also add more related hashtags.

Instagram posts also don’t just stay within the platform. Users can also share their content to Facebook, therefore widening the potential numbers of people that will see your image.


How to use Instagram hashtags?

As stated above, it is pretty necessary to include hashtags within your posts, to include findability in searches, larger reach, and engagement with your business.

But it is also a good idea to follow a few guidelines on the best way to use hashtags to help your business.


  • use too many hashtags
  • use hashtags are are not related to your business or post
  • don’t use popular hashtags just for the sake of it

If you do, your posts can appear to be desperate, and spammy. You are not targeting the people you want to target, and users will potentially get annoyed, and stop following you. Now we don’t want that to happen, do we? So, pay attention, and follow these guidelines:


  • use between 3 to 5 hashtags
  • use hashtags relevant to your business and image
  • use a mixture of hashtags with high, middle, and low numbers

If you follow these guidelines consistently, then you will see an improvement in your Instagram account.

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