What to expect from the new Instagram insights feature?

Excited about the upcoming Instagram insights feature? Read our article to find out more about the new analytics functionality for brands on Instagram and what it means for marketers.

Instagram Insights feature - what to expect?

Existing Instagram analytics tools

If you manage a business profile in Instagram or are interested in anything social media-related, then you have probably stumbled upon many different free and paid Instagram business analytics tools. The statistics they offer vary from tool to tool and the most common are:

  • Follower growth charts.
  • Average engagement per post data.
  • Most engaged users.
  • Best time to post.
  • Follower/unfollower tracking and more.

However, what all those tools lack is the important demographic analysis of your Instagram audience. And why is that important?

If you want your audience to buy your product, sign up for your service, or simply engage with your posts, the more information you have about them, the easier it is to deliver content they want to see and read. Your goal is to create content your followers will understand, and most importantly content that will encourage them to take action.

Getting to know your social media audiences and creating your ideal buyer persona means knowing what they like, what they do, and what their problems are. You need to understand what they dream of, what inspires them, as well as detailed demographics data.

Luckily for all marketers, most of the major social media networks already give you detailed audience analytics. Instagram is not one of them. However, official spokesperson announced the development of new Instagram business profiles that are expected to be available soon.

Rolling out the new Instagram insights feature

The new analytics are expected to be available for brand profiles in Instagram ‘in the next few months’. Some companies already got to take a sneak peek of what the new Instagram analytics tool has to offer. Here is the new data that brands will have access too:

  • Audience top locations by countries and cities.
  • Followers activity by time and date.
  • Gender and age distribution of your followers.
  • Post analytics based on impressions.

Although the launch date is not officially announced yet, brands should be prepared to use the new knowledge. Marketers on Instagram often seem to rely on assumptions and predictions. This new data can help them adjust their current Instagram marketing strategies and help increase the benefits and impact of the network.

Instagram insights tool will be a good reason for business profile managers to check assumptions with reality and help regulate and evaluate their follower growth efforts.

Probably most expected is the ‘Follower activity’ module. It will help brands find out what are the best times of the day when their Instagram followers are most active and responsive. Relying solely on this module is however not recommended, taking into consideration the expected change in Instagram newsfeed algorithm. The new Instagram algorithm will be similar to the current Facebook algorithm and will aim to show your followers only posts ‘they might care about the most’. That being said, posting during peak hours will not be a definite key for success. Marketers should continue their efforts to create relative and engaging content, which the new algorithm will favour.

Brands can as well combine the new data with data from the already existing tools for Instagram analytics. That way they will have a powerful source of information regarding the audience they are trying to reach on one of the fastest growing social networks.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Instagram updates…out next week!

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