Instagram Multiple Accounts Feature – who has it, and how to use it

Instagram Multiple Accounts Feature - who has it, and how to use it

Instagram have quietly rolled out a new feature, which allows some users to switch between multiple Instagram accounts without having to log out first. And you might not even know it! There has been no information from the peeps over at Instagram, in this age of communication, there is a definite lack of it…


This is exciting news for quite a lot of you – those people who have a business and personal account, Social Media Managers who manage multiple accounts for clients, and kids who have taken up with the craze of Finstagrams.


As I know, and many others who manage more than one Instagram account, it is pain in the proverbial backside to constantly have to log in and out of Instagram accounts, or have a load of mobile devices. It is about time that Instagram sorted this, especially with their introduction of Instagram advertising, it doesn’t attract business users if they make things difficult!


Unfortunately, only a select few have access so far, and only those on iOS. So those of us who are not using these devices will have to wait a while longer. Although Instagram were rolling out this feature to some users in their Android beta testing group last year, but everything has gone very quiet on this one….


If you do have iOS , and want to see if you have access to this feature, then you will need to go into settings, scroll right down to the bottom, past Clear Search History, if you are lucky enough you will see the option to Add Account. Tap on this. You will have the option to create a new account, or sign in to an existing account. You will then be able to switch between accounts from the top of your profile page. Just go back to settings if you want to log out of any of these accounts.


Once you have added multiple accounts, it is then very easy to switch between accounts, and access your photo feeds, messages etc., without having to log out and in again. Also, when you receive comments and likes, your push notifications will then notify you which account you are receiving them from.


So those of you who have iOS, go and check now if you have this new feature!

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