Manage your Pinterest Account in Just 10 Minutes a Day

10 Minutes a Day to Pinterest Domination!

Managing your Pinterest account in just 10 minutes a day is easy if you prepare first, and get organised!

Organise your pinterest page, and use these tips to manage your pinterest marketing in just 10 minutes a day...

What do you want to achieve?

With any marketing strategy, this is the first question you need to ask yourself. The ultimate goal should be to benefit your business in some way, either through increased sales of your products or services.

How do you manage this on Pinterest?

You need to get seen, build your reputation, and get those pins re-pinned!

But, if you are managing multiple social media accounts, this can be difficult. You have a limited amount of time to spend on each account, but you need it to be as effective as possible.

How do you manage to be effective on Pinterest, in only a few minutes a day?

The first step is to plan.

It is important to be organised, to enable you to spend just a few minutes a day on management of your Pinterest account. Follow these steps to optimize your account, and set up all necessary tools before you start on your daily management schedule.

  1. Give your Pinterest account a thorough clean, by following these steps in my recent blog post: 16 Ways to Clean Up your Pinterest Account.  This way your account will be optimized.
  2. Find your most popular pins and boards. This enables you to concentrate your pinning efforts with types of pins that are popular for your followers, and boards that get a lot of engagement. Tailwind have a great facility that enables you to see your trending pins and most popular boards, and it’s free!
  3. Make a list of influencers in your niche. This post from Hello Society is a good starting point, listing a lot of “power pinners” These people have a large amount of followers on pinterest, in a wide range of categories.
  4. Add feeds of blogs you are interested in to Then you can quickly see a list of articles in your niche that you can add to pinterest.
  5. Create secret boards on pinterest, and add content that you want to post later.
  6. Setup a scheduling tool for Pinterest. Viraltag are one of the best, and cheapest at the moment.

Daily Pinterest Management

Once you have done all of the above, and your account has been optimized, and you have all the tools in place, it is then time to start on your daily management of your Pinterest account.

Go through this list systematically every day, without getting distracted, and I guarantee that your followers and re-pins will increase, and engagement levels will improve.

  • Click on Notifications, look for any comments on your pins, and reply. If pinners have re-pinned your pins, then go find the pin, and add a comment. Make sure you only do this 2 or 3 times, as time is limited, and pinterest aren’t so keen if you post a lot of comments. Your account could get flagged.
  • Go though your list of Influencers, check out their boards, re-pinning pins, liking, and commenting.
  • Popular Pins – search for popular pins in your categories, and like, re-pin and comment. Comment on pins that have a good number of re-pins, and few comments.
  • Access your feedly account and pin interesting articles and blog posts in your niche.
  • Schedule pins through a scheduling tool to go out at optimum times. Remember to schedule pins to your most popular boards.
  • Cross-promote. Post your popular pins to your other social media platforms, remembering to add a link back to your pinterest page.

Manage your pinterest account in just 10 minutes a day infographic


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