Learn About The Newest Pinterest Advertising Opportunities For Your Business

If your target audience consists mainly of women, then there is a big chance your business has a Pinterest page. Read our article this week to discover more about the latest Pinterest advertising opportunities and how they work.

Learn About The Newest Pinterest Advertising Opportunities For Your Business

Should Your Business Be On Pinterest?

When you are making a decision regarding which social media to use for your business, two of the main factors to take into consideration are the social media users’ demographics and behaviour.

Pinterest is famous for being a favoured social media platform for women aged 34-55. There is data suggesting that 54% of American women in that age range are using Pinterest.

Another study states that 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

Pinterest drives more sales than any other major social media network
How Pinterest Drives Online Commerce [Infographic by Shopify]
 Last but not least, data from Shopify shows that Pinterest drives more sales than any other major social network.

Would you like to reach even more female customers and increase the ROI from your Pinterest efforts? If the answer is yes, continue reading to discover about the latest Pinterest advertising opportunities and how they work.

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Introducing The Newest Pinterest Advertising Opportunities

To help businesses reach their marketing goals, Pinterest recently released 3 new Ad formats:

One-tap Promoted Pins

The latest additions to Pinterest advertising are the one-tap promoted pins. It started rolling out in late October this year and will soon be available to all Pinterest advertisers.

A preview of the One-tap promoted pins
A preview of the One-tap promoted pins


With these ads all it takes is one tap and the interested Pinner will be redirected to the product page on your website where they can learn more about your product and complete a purchase.

Promoted Video Ads

The promoted video ads were introduced in August 2016 and allow businesses to showcase their products in action. Unlike other social ad platforms, on Pinterest your video ads are accompanied with related pins that users can engage with to learn about the products you are showcasing.

67% of people say that videos on Pinterest inspire them to make a purchase, making this ad type one of the most preferred Pinterest advertising opportunities for advertisers.

Promoted Video on Pinterest is currently available for US and UK businesses working with a Pinterest account team.

Promoted App Pins

Back in February 2015 Pinterest rolled out App Pins as part of their Rich Pins efforts. They partnered with Apple to create pins that let you install iOS apps without ever leaving Pinterest.

And now they introduce the opportunity to promote your App Pins.

Pinterest introducing promoted app pins - a new way to advertise your app on Pinterest

With over 75% of Pinterest users visiting the platform from their mobile devices, advertising your App in Pinterest could be a great new strategy.


To wrap up, Pinterest is working on ways to introduce new ad formats that will match both the interest of Pinterest advertisers and the behaviours of Pinterest users. However, advertising on Pinterest is considerably limited. Promoted pins are available only for US, UK and CA- based businesses and many of the ad formats are still available only to a small group of test advertisers.

Nevertheless, Pinterest promises to extend the availability of Promoted pins with other markets very soon.

Are you excited to try these new Pinterest advertising opportunities? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out this article where we share with you 70 ways to market your business on Pinterest.

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