Pinterest: How to Schedule Re-pins

How to Schedule Re-pins on Pinterest.

A few months ago, I wrote about scheduling your pins to Pinterest, using a tool called Virlatag. At the time, I didn’t include their feature which allows for you to schedule re-pins from within Pinterest, so I thought I would write a little about it here, and why it is such a useful tool.

In a matter of five minutes, you can schedule a whole load of re-pins from your boards, or other people’s boards, to go out at optimum times. They also don’t need to be all scheduled to the same boards, you can choose any boards that you have on your pinterest page, including group boards.

There now follow instructions on how to use this feature:


1. Install the Viraltag bookmarket into your bookmarks bar. This is quick and easy. Just drag it from the page, into your bookmarks bar, and Hey Presto!

Pinterest: How to Schedule Re-pins. viraltag


2. The icon should now look like the one below. You need to go to the page in Pinterest that you want to schedule re-pins from.


Pinterest: How to Schedule Re-pins. viraltag


3. Next, press the viraltag bookmarklet, and see the magic happen, no, only kidding. You need to check the images that you want to re-pin, and then click next.

Pinterest: How to Schedule Re-pins. viraltag 03



4. This page will then appear. You can decide which boards you want to schedule to, and set the date and time.


Pinterest: How to Schedule Re-pins. viraltag 04


I have found Viraltag to be one of the best options for scheduling pins on Pinterest, not only in terms of its features, but also relatively low cost. The ability to schedule re-pins is great in terms of having all the pins you require in one place, and being able to schedule them quickly.

Happy Pinning!

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