Pinterest Tutorial: Creating Blog Images for Pinterest

Pinterest Tutorial: Creating Blog Images for Pinterest

In this pinterest tutorial, I will show you how quickly and easily you can create images that can be added to your blog post, and also pinned to pinterest, to increase visitors back to your blog.

Often people think that once they have written the blog post and added any old image to pinterest,  that all is well, and they can ride off into the sunset, safe in the knowledge that their pin on pinterest will be re-pinned, and get a lot of visitors to their blog. WRONG!!

All too often, the featured image is small, looks awful, with no information about the blog post, such as heading, and website address.

it is an ideal opportunity for you to create pinnable images for pinterest, with all the relevant information that people need to think “Hey, that sounds interesting, I want to go and read all about that…”

Select an Image

You need to find an image that is related in some way to the blog post. It also needs to be tall to stand out on pinterest.

Pinterest Tutorial: Creating Blog Images for Pinterest

This image is great as a starting point, but it doesn’t say anything about the blog post. It is just a load of paint!

Add your blog title and address

A great tool for adding text overlay to images, is picmonkey. It is very easy to use, and free.  Just upload your image, add text, and take advantage of the special features. I used “focal soften” to make the text stand out from the image.

Pinterest Tutorial: Creating Blog Images for Pinterest

So, rather than having an image on it’s own, with an explanation in the pin description, here I have added the heading of the blog post, and also the website address. People can see straight away what the pin is about.

Add your Website to the Alt Tags

As well as optimizing your images for potential re-pins, it is also a very good idea to include some text in the alt tags of those images.

Anyone that pins directly from your website, with a pin it button, will have whichever text you have included in the alt tag show up in the pin description. This is because Pinterest pin it buttons will scrape alt tags for pin descriptions. To link back to your website, include some text and a link to your blog post.

 Pinterest Tutorial: Creating Blog Images for Pinterest

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