A new way to store and upload Snaps with Snapchat Memories

Is Snapchat moving away from its original idea of disappearing content? Continue reading to find out more about the recent Snapchat Memories update.

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What made Snapchat so unique and successful?

Snapchat is a popular mobile app for capturing, editing and sending videos and pictures that disappear after a few seconds of a person viewing them. It is believed that over 200 million people use Snapchat and over 8 billion photos and videos are being viewed on the app every day.

The network as well works as a messaging app. It allows you take a photo or a video, then edit it by adding a caption or doodle or lens graphic over top, and send it to your friend on Snapchat. Moreover, this content can be added to your Snapchat “story”, a 24-hour collection of your photos and videos, which you broadcast to your followers or the world.

At its core, Snapchat is used to send photos and videos – called Snaps – to friends. Your friends can only view your Snaps for up to 10 seconds, and then they disappear.

However, thousands of people have been looking for ways to save Snaps, which lead to the creation of many applications for saving Snapchat videos, images and stories. The high demand for such applications might be the reason behind the creation of Snapchat Memories.

Now you can save your content with Snapchat Memories

Snapchat introduced its new feature earlier this month as a new way to save Snaps and Stories. Snapchat Memories is one of the biggest changes in the company’s 5-year history. It creates a smart camera roll alternative where existing Snaps can be imported and searched by caption or objects.

The app’s disappearing messages was the one thing that made it stand out and encourage people to share more genuine stories of their lives than they usually do. Many people felt like Snapchat is one of the most authentic social networks — an opinion that has been supported by the fact that users feel safer sharing there, due to the lack of permanent record of their activity and content.

Snapchat Memories is a personal collection of your favorite moments. To access it you just have to swipe up from the Camera.

The memories feature is rolling out over the next 30 days. Snapchat will send you a Chat when it will be ready for you to use.

Additional functionality changes with the new Snapchat update

Besides the new ability to archive Stories and Snaps, Snapchat is making important functionality changes with this update. For the first time ever Snapchat will allow users to upload photos or videos created outside the app. Now you will have the option to select photos and videos from the phone’s camera roll, edit them in Snapchat with the doodle, emoji, sticker, text, and filter tools, and then post them to your Story. It sounds like this key functionality change might take away the in-the-moment appeal of the app.

In order to differentiate this content, Snapchat will be branding these Memories with a timestamp and special border.

A password-protected section called “My Eyes Only” will as well be available, where you can store Snaps that only you can see.

How can brands benefit?

Brands that decided to use Snapchat with marketing purposes will no longer worry about creating content on the go. Snapchat managers will now be able to take advantage of the new functionalities and use pre-made photos, videos and artworks for their Snapchat activities.

We are looking forward to see if this new change will be the “end of Snapchat” or help Snapchat become an even more influential platform.

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