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PPC & Facebook ads

You want to reach the right people online? Our Social Media advertising and PPC services ensure that your marketing message reaches the target audience for your business across all platforms effectively!

Social Media Advertising

Is your organic social media reach decreasing month after month? Would you like to be able to reach more people and do it cost effectively? Then the right choice for your business is well-targeted, result-optimized paid social advertising, such as Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising, Pinterest advertising or even Snapchat advertising. However, identifying the right target audience for your business and setting up a well-optimized social advertising campaign can be complex and time-consuming. At Social Bees Media we take away this confusion by offering you social media advertising services that will help you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently, expand your brand awareness on social media, and help you find the right message for every prospect.

Adwords Management

Would you would like to reach the people who are already searching for products and services like the ones you offer? Well-optimized Google AdWords campaigns are one of the foundations of profitable online marketing. If you are not satisfied with your PPC advertising’s costs and conversion rates, let our certified Google AdWords professionals eliminate high spend and help you drive more high-quality traffic to your website. Here is why to choose us:

Performance & Results

The team of PPC experts at Social Bees Media help you efficiently reach your target audience through our paid search marketing services and social media advertising services. Delivering efficient results is the foundation of our digital services. Our holistic approach delivers an outstanding Social Media advertising and PPC campaign management that helps your business grow, boost sales, and increase brand awareness.


We are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with many years of experience in delivering consistent and cost-effective results with our PPC services. We have worked with accounts of all sizes and budgets. Whether you are a small business looking to grow through Social Media ads, or a have a big company with bigger targets and budgets, and looking to improve your PPC management – we offer the right digital advertising services, backed by experience and know-how, to help you achieve your goals.


Good timing in online advertising campaigns is crucial. With our online advertising services we ensure that you will have a dedicated account manager, who can react timely to your paid advertising needs without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Analyse & Optimise

We help you stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and consumer needs by continuously testing, analysing and optimizing your paid campaigns. Digital advertising platforms like Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter change constantly. Our team helps your campaigns run efficiently, and to their optimum efficiency.


Retargeting has evolved and become the proven method to reach people that have already shown interest in your products but did not convert. This advanced targeting technology allows us to take full advantage and bring further Return on Investment, both to your social media and AdWords advertising campaigns.


Transparency lies at the core of our digital services. Our pay-per-click management does not stop at delivering results, we also make sure you understand what we do and why. No method or process stays behind the scenes. Through our weekly and monthly reporting, we offer you a service that is both consultative and informative.

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