Twitter Monetization Now Possible With Twitter Pre-roll Ads

Back in June Twitter shared some insights on the efforts they now make to increase the amount of video Tweets on the platform. And now Twitter monetization is made possible for creators of all kinds with the expansion of Twitter’s creator revenue program. Find out all about it in the article below.

Twitter Monetization - Now Made Possible With Twitter's Pre-Roll Ads

Latest Changes In Video Tweets

Since the beginning of 2016, video Tweets have increased by a significant 50%. And that was a good enough reason for Twitter to make the following important changes in their platform:

  • Allowing longer videos – The biggest update might have been that Twitter’s video length increased from a short 30 seconds to 140 seconds in June.
  • A new full-screen view – Similar to Facebook’s theater view for photos and videos, you can now tap on any Twitter video to watch it full-screen. In addition to that, similar videos will be suggested below the one you tapped on to encourage viewers to watch even more video Tweets.
  • New app for Twitter creators – The same time Twitter released the Twitter Dashboard for business accounts, it also released the Twitter Engage app. Twitter Engage is made for creators, celebrities and public figures for real-time engagement insights of your Twitter page.


The Twitter Monetization Opportunities

The latest updates in Twitter’s creator revenue programs will give creators of all sizes the opportunity to monetize content in the following ways:

  • With Twitter pre-roll ads
  • By creating branded content

How do Twitter Pre-roll Ads work?

The process will be as easy as to “check off a box” before you Tweet your video. The Pre-roll ads will then start running against the content. And as simple as that a part of the ad revenue is shared back with the creator.

Publishers will also have the option to opt-in to having ads added to all of the videos they upload. Meanwhile, the right to monetize the content on other video platforms will be maintained.

It is believed that the portion of revenue for users will be up to 70%, which is great compared to the 55% that both Facebook and YouTube share with creators.

Media Studio - The New Twitter Media Library

Creators will now be able to upload, publish, and manage their media easily, and more effectively than ever before. That can be done both via the new Media Studio on desktop, accessible at, and on mobile via the Twitter Engage app.

Currently, Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Program will provide this monetization opportunity only to approved creators in the US.

Earning revenue by creating branded videos on Twitter?

Niche is an advertising agency that started partnering with Twitter in 2015. It connects over 27,000 social media influencers with advertisers and marketers who want to reach their audience on Twitter and other platforms. Their aim is to provide creators with the ability to grow, and monetize their social presence and to help brands develop authentic branded content.

Creating branded videos to earn revenue on Twitter, Niche

Twitter’s creator program might never reach the scope of any major video platform – such as YouTube’s. However, the recent changes in YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines forced many smaller creators to start looking for other ways to monetize their video content. And Twitter might soon turn out to be just the right platform for them.

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