What you need to know about the latest Twitter updates

Since the announcement in May, Twitter has already rolled out some of the great new features they promised their users. Find out more about the new Twitter updates in our article below.

The latest Twitter updates - June 2016


Introducing the Emoji keyword targeting in Twitter Ads

This new Twitter ads feature might sound a bit needless and hard to implement at first sight.

However, if you really know your target audience, this Twitter update can mean a lot to you. The emoji targeting will allow Twitter advertisers who work with Twitter official partners: AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Perion, SocialCode and 4C to reach people based on expressed sentiment, passions or food emojis. This is a very innovative way to improve the targeting capabilities of the network and to help drive more engagement and even better performance for brands.

If you want to know which were the most-used emojis on Twitter for 2015 click here. And if you are really into analysing Twitter emoji trends, check out the Emojitracker website for worldwide real time emoji usage.

A new live button on Twitter mobile apps

It is not a surprise that Twitter is trying to boost Periscope‘s usage, since the launch of Facebook live got everyone crazy about live streaming. Now everyone on Twitter can easily go live on Periscope with the newly added “Live” button for iOS and Android Twitter apps.

Keep in mind that Periscope is one of the most used tools for social media broadcasting with over 200 million live broadcasts since it’s launch in March 2015.

Self-retweets and self-quotes

Have you ever felt like any of your Tweets needs an extra organic boost or it simply went unnoticed?

Fortunately for all, Twitter just enabled the Retweet button on your own Tweets. Now you can easily Retweet or Quote Tweet yourself. This Twitter update is definitely something both brands and regular users have been anticipating.

Instead of posting the same tweet multiple times, aiming to reach all your followers, now you can simply press the retweet button and give your tweets an organic boost. This is also great for recycling old content and easily reminding your audience about all the cool things you posted weeks ago.

Twitter for Android made easier

Earlier this month, Twitter rolled out a new look for its Android App. The new look came with easier menu navigation and a new “Tweet now” floating action button, making the whole user experience for Android users a lot easier and pleasant.

This is great news not only for users, but for brands as well. It’s a fact that that mobile app usage is on the rise in the past few years, and a better app will make users spend even more time on the network. And more people on the network, means more people being there to see your Twitter updates.


Twitter is not only one of the best news aggregators, but also a place to build relationships, connect with friends and family, follow your favorite brands and celebrities, and share honest opinions. The micro-blogging network has on average 310 million monthly active users and is constantly making improvements, while taking into consideration customer feedback and global trends. Make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest Twitter updates and implement them in your Twitter marketing strategy.

Stay tuned next week when we will talk about the new Twitter Dashboard and how brands can use it.

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