How to use Instagram’s new features

Do you have a business that could benefit from social media marketing? Whether you have a fashion collection or a beauty product, showing it off through Instagram is a must. There is hardly a better way of promoting your product than showing a picture of it to the world. However, there are over 25 million businesses with Instagram profiles and to make sure your product stands out, you have to understand how to use everything Instagram offers. Therefore, learning Instagram new features can be even more important than improving your understanding of those you already use.

Show your posts with clickable hashtags in your profile

With this feature, it will be easier to showcase your product to your followers. If for instance, you have a baking business. You own a small, cute bakery and you are already using Instagram to show the morning cakes. Well, now you can add the hashtag you are using in your profile. That way, when someone clicks on the tag Instagram will list all posts with it. Furthermore, you can link other profiles as well, similar to adding hashtags you will need to add @theprofilename.

clickable hashtags instagram

Take professional photos with Focus Portrait mode

With their latest update in April Instagram introduced the Focus Portrait mode. This feature is nothing new in the world of photography, but until now, you had to hire a professional to take it. The new way to take pictures will blur the background of your picture while sharpening your face.

There are two reasons why this is awesome. First, it is available on all iPhones and some Android versions as opposed to Apple’s similar feature that was usable on only the newest iPhones. The second reason is that you don’t have to take a picture of yourself, you can take a picture of your product or your dog and accent it by blurring the background.

portrait focus mode instagram

Mention someone with the new stylized mention stickers

If for example, you took a picture with someone who is worth tagging, you can add a sticker from the emoji menu. Similar to the hashtag sticker all you have to do is drop the sticker on the photo and write the name.

However, if you are an Android user, this feature won’t be available to you. Luckily, there is a way, all you have to do is write “@” with the type tool followed by the profile’s name. Ideally, you can use this feature to promote someone else or yourself if you took a picture with a famous person.

instagram mentions stickers

Link your shop to each post with the new shopping feature

This feature is a must for everyone who makes a living by selling products. For explaining purposes let’s go back to our baking business. One of these days you might be making a large wedding cake, of course, you will take the pictures, apply the filters and usually that would be it. So, what if some bride who is also getting married soon, sees your cake and want to order it online?

With this feature, you can add a price tag and a product description on any post you want. The price tag will also act as a link to your shop. The only downside to this update is that it is available in certain countries. You can find the list of the supported countries on their official website.

shopping feature instagram

Scannable nametags coming to Instagram

This feature is still in the testing phase, but once released it will be a game changer for all business owners. Each profile will have a nametag that others can scan and automatically follow them. Similar to a QR code these tags can be printed on your products, receipts, or copied on other social media websites and apps.

It will hardly get easier for others to follow you than taking a picture of your tag. Be sure to make the most out of this feature once it is released.

scannable nametags

Facebook AR Camera effects coming to Instagram

Tuesday 1.5.2018 was a one year anniversary of the announcement of their AR Camera. For that opportunity, Zuckerberg extended the Camera to Instagram as well. For now, this is in a closed beta stage where some of the users are testing it but it should be released soon.

The AR Camera will be available for both iOS and Android and the effects are pretty neat. You can add mustaches or bushy eyebrows, but the real deal is the effect you can make yourself. Businesses will be able to make AR effects of their own products and engage costumers in a completely new way.

AR camera effect instagram

Instagram updates that are still in development

There are a few more features Instagram is testing and it would be good to know about them before the release.

Mute Feature

Have you ever followed someone whose content is kind of annoying but you don’t want to offend them with an unfollow? Well, if Instagram introduces their mute feature you will be able to stop those posts without anyone getting offended.

Slow-motion Stories

Another one is Slow-motion feature for Stories. Together with focus portrait, this feature could take Instagram one step further to the best business marketing app title. Whether you have an older device without the slow-mo feature or you don’t like the way it works, soon you will be able to use Instagram’s version of Slow-motion recordings

Emoji reactions to Stories

Real-time reaction to stories might be the feature we all need to make our Instagram experience even more enjoyable. These will act as stickers and since Facebook already has it why not Instagram too?

Video Calls

Video chat feature will allow you to talk to your friends face to face and browse Instagram at the same time. It seems this is just one of the features Instagram is implementing to slowly turn the app into a messaging service.

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